Friend's of Square Meadow

Square In Community Circles

Recovered from ruin

The meadow after the first pass to repair and recover from years of neglect.


First class facilities

Our Aim

Sport helps build community, friendship, and competition. Within the constraints of our ‘nearly’ square meadow, we wish to encourage, support and promote goodwill for all age groups.

Team Sports

Football, Hockey, Rounders, Netball, Rugby, Cricket…

We intend to cater for as many team sports as our facilities and resources will allow.


The Friend’s of Square Meadow are all volunteers taking care to ensure financial foundations are rock solid for future generations to enjoy. We have a team but we always need more help…


Past memories and the enjoyment of outdoor life drives the vision we seek for all. There is nothing better than the smell of fresh cut grass, the light fading in the hope of that last goal, the wind and sun on your skin…

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Great communication is the essence of a great organisation. We want you to enjoy talking, typing and tapping


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